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Trigger Point Therapy and Chiropractic

I am a big believer in incorporating massage or trigger point therapy into chiropractic care.  This helps to improve flexibility and range of motion.  When spinal joints have lost their normal joint play, surrounding muscles are often involved in increased tension, etc.  Removing this tension through specific trigger point techniques combined with range of motion provides healing to the tight muscles.  At the Natural Health & Chiropractic Center in Tulsa, OK, we incorporate such techniques to improve the outcomes for our patients.

Chiropractors have known the importance of removing "fixated" spinal joints for the improvement of spinal pain patterns.  It is believed that scar tissue will form every 7 - 14 days around tissue under stress or immobilized.  Incorporating massage therapy and trigger point therapy will help with the build-up of scar tissue that may have accumulated over the years. 

- Dr. Michael Lau

Natural Health & Chiropractic Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma


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